Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Review: Sukin Super Greens Detoxifying Clay Masque

I love Sukin's regular skin care line so when I saw the super greens range I had to give it a go. I decided on the mask because I adore clay masks and I was yet to find a great affordable one. This tub is $15.99 but you can often get it on sale at Chemist Warehouse or Priceline for under $10. When I first picked up the tub it seemed small but a little goes a long way making it even better value for money! It's great for the price and like the other Sukin products I have, it works hard while still being gentle. 

The consistency is pretty thick but it's still super easy to spread around your face. Like all clay masks it does dry on the face and become slightly stiff but it doesn't get so hard that you can't move your face without cracking it. This is great because masks are supposed to be relaxing and fun, not an uncomfortable chore! Just pop it on, kick back for 15 minutes and wash away. It's easily removed with warm water and a damp face cloth.

It does give a deep clean and pull out anything from your pores that has to go but it isn't as effective as something similar like the Aesop Chamomile Concentrate Anti-Blemish masque or the Seacret Dead Sea Mud Mask in terms of completely removing blemishes. Having said that, those two masks are far more expensive and not something that I could incorporate into my routine on a regular basis at the moment. I also have to note, I like that it's in a tub because I find with thick masks that come in tubes you end up with a lot of wastage or a massive mess cutting open packaging to get to all the product. 

Have you tried out any amazing clay masks?

Monday, 27 July 2015

My 5 Most Used Apps

Lately I've noticed that my favourite apps have changed a lot. My social media apps of choice are very different (facebook now bores me to no end!) and what I use to keep me entertained and fill in a few spare minutes here and there varies too. These are the apps I use most frequently at the moment:

1. Instagram - Obviously. I'm obsessed and post several times a day. I love scrolling through while I'm eating my breakfast, before bed, when I want to procrastinate...so basically all the time. You can find me on Instagram here.
2. Podcasts - Instead of music, I now listen to podcasts while I work, study, clean etc. I try to make them educational sometimes but I'm really a sucker for the funny stuff.
3. Piclab - This is the app I use to create text posts for social media or add text to images. Free, really easy to use and lots of choices for fonts and colours!
4. Snapchat - It's like watching mini vlogs throughout the day! I love Beauty Life Michelle and Jaclyn Hill's snap stories. Let me know in the comments who your favourite people to follow are.
5. Pinterest - I mentioned in this post here that I find a lot of inspiration on Pinterest so whenever I'm feeling a little slump coming on I just scroll through for a quick dose of fashion, beauty, food and interiors. If you're on Pinterest let me know because I definitely don't follow enough people!

What's your favourite functional or fun app?

Friday, 24 July 2015

Blogger Chat With Skeeter & Scout

Today I have my last (but certainly not least!) blogger chat with Lucy from Skeeter & Scout and The Wanderlust Scout. Lucy is an Aussie that took on a new adventure and headed over to the UK earlier this year. Reading Lucy's blogs is exactly like having a chat with a with a friend over a cup of tea - one that happens to know lots of useful things about beauty products. As much as I adore reading Lucy's beauty content two, posts that she wrote recently instantly became my favourites: Lessons I Have Learnt Since Moving Abroad and 10 Things I Love About London. If you want to fuel any dreams to head overseas or make a big change in your life Lucy is the girl to enable those wishes. Here's a little more about Lucy! 

The Bloggy Bits
Tell us a little about your blog... Skeeter and Scout originated from my love of writing, and beauty! It is now a go-to site dedicated to scouting the world for the best in beauty and lifestyle: from the best facial to the need-to-try body scrubs... My body is one big testing canvas ha!
How do you gather inspiration for your content? I find inspiration from the products that I am kindly gifted and also from random spur of the moment experiences. I have had some really strange experiences since moving to London, so I am hoping to do more content that is based around my life in London (and potentially about all the exciting dates I have been on). ** watch this site **! 
Do you prefer doing the photography or writing for your blog posts? I love both - i love whipping out my Olympus, but I also love the creative outlet of writing. It is really therapeutic to me :) 
What do you enjoy most and least about creating content? I work in a high-demand and extremely time-consuming role. I hate that sometimes I am too tired to commit to content - and would rather sleep. My site has cut-down on content this year as I am committed to getting my life in order in this new country (UK). In saying that, I am trying to do 1 post a week. What I enjoy most about creating content is the amazing products I get to test out - I have come across some seriously fabulous products (that I would never have discovered without running a blog). 
What would life be like without your blog? I think I would have a LOT more time, but it would also be extremely dull (but probably still just as beauty filled ha). I am lucky that my blog has been a big benefit to my career (heading up a social media team) so if i didn't have the success with my blog, I am not sure I would have progressed as quickly in my role. 

Let’s get to know you
Favourite breakfast food? That is hard! When I wake up in the morning I could eat a horse... a small child, the kitchen sink! So I am not fussed about what I eat - just as long as I eat! Trying to face the crowds on the tube on an empty stomach is not advisable. I actually had the most delicious brunch the other day - Sweet potato pancakes with smoked salmon and a green tea matcha latte... So that is probably my favourite breakfast, this year ha!
Favourite hot drink? I don’t really do hot drinks - i like warm or cold drinks (I am so fussy, I know ha). But, I do drink a butt-tonne of tea and my current go-to is Pukka Three Mint or Pukka Matcha Green Tea. My housemate and I buy 2 boxes a week (we churn through it). 
Which websites do you visit daily? I am so boring, but the websites I visit daily are all work related -  Ad Week, Forbes, King Content.. all the boring content strategy blogs (which I find fascinating). Then for my celeb fix - The Daily Mail. 
How do you like to ‘switch off’? I dont think I ever switch off per say - I have had insomnia for 7 years, so just one of the “perks”, i suppose ha! But, I am fortunate that I live in a really beautiful part of London: with lots of Thames River walks and Commons. So, some days after a hard day at work, I catch the tube and get off earlier and walk home, or meet my friend and we go for a brisk walk around her area. I am so blessed that I live in London - there is so much to see/do/eat/try - lots of ways to experience new things, and ‘switch off’ from the world (even if for only an hour).
Can you give us a book recommendation? I haven’t read a book in a while ** slaps wrist ** but without a doubt, my two favourite books are To Kill a Mocking Bird and The Help. Actually, Skeeter & Scout was named after these two life-changing books thanks to their strong female characters. Skeeter is from The Help and Scout is from To Kill a Mockingbird. I really wanted a blog name that had meaning to me, so taking two strong, empowering female characters was the best option for me :)

A massive thanks to Lucy for chatting with us! Make sure you follow her London adventures here and here.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Review: emerginC Coconut-Argan Body Oil

This winter has been a tough one on my skin and my legs in particular have been very dry and itchy. My usual lotions weren't cutting it so the emerginC Coconut-Argan Body Oil* has stepped up and worked it's magic to keep my legs hydrated and smooth. This is the first body oil I've used in spray form and it makes the whole process so much faster and less messy. It's surprisingly non greasy for a body oil and sinks in to the skin extremely quickly (minimal waiting time to get dressed is a big plus for winter!) without leaving behind too much residue on your hands.

Along with coconut and argan oil it's also packed with 10 other oils including sunflower seed oil, sweet almond oil, jojoba seed oil and orange peel oil that make it smell amazing and help to repair damaged skin. It keeps my skin feeling hydrated for almost a whole day which is about the same, if not better than most other body lotions and butters I use. Using this body oil has pretty much cleared up all of the dry patches I had on my legs so now I am just using it to maintain the repaired skin while winter is still coming down on us.

As far as body oils go this one is definitely a luxurious item and if you are looking to treat yourself to something special for winter it's a gorgeous product to have in your bathroom. The packaging is one of my favourite things about it because it makes a product that is usually a little bit of a hassle to apply and makes using it so much more enjoyable!

Which products have been your skin saviours this winter?