Hi Boss Babes! My name is Madeline
and I am a mindset & personal branding coach.

My mission is to help you gain the confidence you need
to represent your business and it’s message so
you can reach your full potential and attract your perfect clients!

My journey to beginning Boss Babe Guide was a long and winding road, which in hindsight I’m glad I took, as it has filled me with so many amazing lesson filled experiences.

At 18 years old I went straight off to university to study journalism, but a battle with anxiety and panic attacks lead me to veer away from that very quickly. I went on to work full time for a few years before gaining just enough self-confidence to return to university to study public relations.

I still felt uncertain but at the time it seemed like the best option to incorporate my love for communicating with an industry that had enticing (read: seemingly glamorous) job prospects.

After a few internships and working in a PR agency, I felt as if this career path just wasn’t for me. I was much more introverted than my colleagues and I felt like the odd one out in an industry full of extroverts. I also felt unfulfilled working with clients that didn’t resonate with me deep down.

In an effort to fulfil the need to connect more with what I was doing, I freelanced, helping smaller businesses with their social media presence and digital content, but while I was getting closer to my passion and purpose I just wasn’t quite there yet.

During this time I also ran a beauty blog and contributed to online publications including Who What Wear, which were also incredible experiences, but not quite the “set my soul on fire” type of career path I was looking for. I was seeking passion and excitement.

Enter me, discovering the world of business coaches and motivational speakers like Tony Robbins online and beginning to do some serious self-development work.

Suddenly I was starting to wake up happy every day and my purpose in life was becoming clearer. I started sweeping away many of the beliefs that had me feeling anxious on a daily basis and it felt like I was just able to breath for the first time in my life.

This led me to take the plunge to hire a coach (which was a scary, scary decision at the time, but the best thing I have ever done).

My coach helped me endlessly, in not only identifying how I wanted to use my skills to help others but to overcome a lifetime of a huge lack of self-love and confidence, which was the main barrier that had always held me back from success.

Now here I am, feeling like the version of myself I was always meant to be, and ready to take all my experiences and knowledge to fast track you to success.

When it comes my program, taking a personal approach, and getting to know you is my number one priority in helping you grow into the best version of yourself.

I have developed a combined mindset and personal branding approach as my personal journey is living proof of the importance of mindset in growing a brand and a business.

We will work to get your confidence soaring, reduce roadblocks when it comes to being present online and develop a full strategy with a set of goals to carry you forward well beyond our 12 weeks together.

I offer support from all angles to help you complete this program with a better-positioned mindset, the exact steps you need to take to succeed and the technical knowhow to get it all done.

If you would like to have no obligation 30 minute discovery call about how I can help you, book in a consultation.


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