The Most Comfortable Lipsticks I’ve Tried To Date

Shades L-R 628 Wine Red, 626 Gipsy Red, 630 Brown Cookie, 627 Sweet Lady, 629 Party Girl, 625 Flirting Pink

Before a package containing these lipsticks landed on my doorstep, I hadn’t heard too much about Mavala. I knew they made nail polish but that was about it. Having no expectations of a brand can sometimes be a great thing though, because I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed the lipsticks.

The packaging is a gorgeous grey, which is probably the most dominant colour in my wardrobe/life and it is nice and weighty. They also close very well so I have no problem tossing them in my bag without fear they will pop open. The lipsticks I received are part of the Autumn/Winter 17 collection so all very appropriate for this time of year. As expected, my favourites shades are Brown Cookie and Sweet Lady but as the weather cools down more, I can definitely see myself reaching for Gipsy Red and Wine Red frequently too!

While the shades and the packaging are beautiful, the real winning factor for these babies is definitely the formula. They are nice and creamy so they are very forgiving on dry lips and they are ridiculously comfortable to wear – almost like a lip balm. You would think that a formula so comfortable would slip and slide off easily but they actually wear fairly well. They aren’t incredibly long lasting but you don’t have to check up on them every five minutes and when they do fade, it isn’t in a messy patchy way.

I’m definitely keen to try more from Mavala and expand my lipstick collection too! There are a lot more shades available than I expected and I have spotted two or three rose toned shades that belong in my collection.

Have you tried anything from Mavala? What’s your favourite comfortable lipstick formula?


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